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You can propose a new category for megaman maker levels if those not existing are not good enough for you, it will be validate manually :

Check the categories already submitted :
Name Description Validate
Dif. : Easy For newcomers, must be doable without any "advanced" tech ( slide jump etc... ) Yes
Dif. : Normal The classic difficulty of a megaman level. Yes
Dif. : Hard An hard difficulty but still without advanced "kaizo" tech. Yes
Dif. : Kaizo Light Hard difficulty for person searching for challenge, but just starting with kaizo. Yes
Dif. : Kaizo Hard difficulty for person used to kaizo already. Yes
Dif. : Kaizo Hard Hard difficulty for person wanting the extreme challenges ! Yes
Len. : Short Level that shouldn't take too much time to beat. Yes
Len. : Medium Level that should take time to beat but not too much, between short and long. Yes
Len. : Long Level that should take a certain amount of time to beat. Yes
Classic level Should feel like a classic megaman level, generally doable with a buster only. Yes
Buster only A level that doesn't contain anything else that the classic buster. Yes
Puzzle For people that like puzzles ! Yes
Showcase level A type of level to make the users learn about some gimmick or some tech. Yes
Auto level Levels where you don't really need to play, doing nothing or just pressing a specific input. Yes
Metroidvania level A level construct like an old 2D metroid game, where you have to search for new weapons to progress in the levels, generally with multi paths, big and open. Yes
Troll level When you feel like wanting to be trolled... but who wants that ? Yes
Remake level A type of level ranging from a remake of a particular level from another game all the way upto entire game remakes. Can be from the Mega Man series or other video games series. Yes
Boss Rush A level primarily focused on fighting multiple bosses in short succession. Yes
1hp level Level were you can't take a single hit, there is usually a HP check in these levels. Yes
1hp Section Level where there's a section where you can't take a single hit, there is usually a HP check in these levels. Yes
weapon only No
Dif. : Normal No
Joke Made for laughs. No
Len. : single-screen Level with only one screen. No
Conceptual Shows a concept, something that could possibly be used in other levels. No
:bigfish: :bigfish: No
Campaign A level that is apart of a more larger campaign. No
Fan-game Storyline A storyline for A Fan-game, It can be one, Level, Or a Map pack! No
Text-Edited Level A level that contains text-edited elements, like manual tiling, resized objects, etc. No